Through their Eyes

Directed by Jackie Chan

This inviting travelogue encourages us to see what life is like for Vietnamese families dealing with the ongoing legacy of dioxin poisoning.The filmakers cheerful interactions with her subjects-visible in nearly every scene and embodied in the snatches of up close, black-and-white footage she shot herself, dispell the viewers discomfort in the difficult subject matter.


Vietnam: Secret Agent

Produced by Jacki Ochs and Daniel Keller (1983)

The first comprehensive look at the history and the effects of the dioxin contaminated Agent Orange.  It will soon be released in DVD format with a series of extras that will bring the story of Agent Orange's impacts on US veterans and Vietnam up to date. 


Battle’s Poison Cloud

Directed by Cecile Trijssenaar of Tambuti Films. (2005)

Exams the birth defects issue in Vietnam related to Agent Orange exposure; and recent scientific research, including research undertaken by Hatfield Consultants Ltd. Available through Journeyman Pictures and on-line book stores such as Amazon.


The Friendship Village

Directed by Michelle Mason.

An award-winning 50-minute documentary about an international group of veterans who built a village in Viet Nam for children with Agent Orange-related disabilities. Available at US Committee of the Vietnam Friendship Village or Bullfrog films.

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The Vietnam War: An Unrecoverable Wound

Produced by the Vietnam Red Cross Agent Orange Victims Fund.

Contact Susan Hammond to order a copy.

Vietnam: Where the War Has Passed

Directed by Vu Le My of the National Documentary and Scientific Film Studio, Hanoi.

An award winning film about the affects of Agent Orange on Vietnamese Veterans and their children. (30 Min)

Contact Susan Hammond to order a copy.

A Story from the Corner of the Park

Directed by Vietnamese director Tran Van Thuy.

A beautifully directed film that tells the story of a Vietnamese family in Hanoi, Vietnam whose children are believed to be affected by Agent Orange. (1996, 50 Min)

Contact Susan Hammond to order a copy. Last Ghost of War - TrailerIn The Last Ghost of War, we meet victims who are plaintiffs in a class action suit against the 32 chemical companies that produced Agent Orange. Attorneys, scientists, activists, and an Air Force historian shed light on the question faced by the court—were these herbicides chemical weapons? And if so, who should be held accountable? A 5-minute trailer for the 57-minute film.
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A Permanent Mark: Agent Orange in America and Viet Nam

Directed by Holly Million.

A documentary that fully integrates the story of Americans exposed to Agent Orange with the story of Vietnamese people still contending with the toxic herbicide. While A Permanent Mark is about events that have their origin in the Vietnam War, the film deals with universal themes of war that are relevant today. A Permanent Mark shows that war persists, long after we declare “mission accomplished.”

Vietnam Revisited: A CBS5 Special Report

Vietnam Reporting Project fellow Thuy Vu, an Emmy award-winning anchor and reporter for CBS5 in San Francisco, recently returned to her homeland of Vietnam to take an in-depth look at the impact of Agent Orange. This CBS5 Special Report explores the on-going health impact of Agent Orange, the dioxin contaminated herbicides used by the US military to defoliate the jungles of Vietnam. The half-hour report airs on January 3, 2011 at 7pm.


Make Agent Orange History

Thirty-five years after the the war, harmful effects of Agent Orange/dioxin are still being felt by millions in Vietnam, including children. But this is a humanitarian concern we can do something about.


Replating Vietnam's War Zones

Botanist Phuong Tuu Boi tours the highlands of central Vietnam and explains to Christie Anschwanden his work to reforest the defoliated hills around A Luoi Vietnam. NY Times/Pulitzer Reporting Project video.


Vietnam Soldiers Still Suffer from  Agent Orange

Thuy Vu of CBS 5 in San Francisco reports on how dioxin from Agent Orange has impacted Vietnamese veterans from both sides of the war as well as American veterans.