Make Agent Orange History

Agent Orange Record and the War Legacies Project work with other organizations to raise awareness of the long-term effects of Agent Orange/Dioxin in Vietnam, highlight solutions to the problem and connect people with opportunities to get involved. Together and with other organizations and individuals we are working to Make Agent Orange History. 


Our other partners in this effort include:


The Aspen Institute's Advocacy and Exchange Program on Agent Orange/Dioxin is a multi-year project to help Americans and Vietnamese address the continuing health and environmental impacts of herbicides sprayed in Vietnam during the war. The Program promotes dialogue within the US policy community, and between the United


The Renaissance Journalism Center at San Francisco State University Department of Journalism coordinates the  Vietnam Reporting Project that strives to raise public awareness, spark national conversation and stimulate problem solving on the legacy of the war in Vietnam through the dissemination of quality, in-depth journalism content across multiple media platforms.